Boost your mood with our SUMMER SPLASH range

Our brains are naturally wired to react to colour and different shades can produce different feelings that can directly influence our moods.

Ever worn a bright red jumper and felt a bit fiery that day? Or chilled out in a cool blue sweatshirt all calm and relaxed?

Wearing colours can boost your well-being and self-esteem, which is the inspiration behind HÖRFA’s Summer Splash range.

It’s time to improve your mood and mind by wearing our newest range which splashes colour all over our iconic HÖRFA logo on our stylish polos and sweats.


The first colour featured in the new logo is the boldest of all.

It’s a dramatic, hot colour which can evoke some very strong feelings.

Red is said to enhance appetite, which is why it’s used so often in restaurants, and whilst many of us associate red with love and warmth, it can also represent danger, excitement and intensity.


Orange is a shade lower than the fiery red, and considered an energetic colour which builds excitement and enthusiasm.

Like red, it’s a warming shade, which draws attention to the wearer. It’s said to be a great choice if you are presenting your ideas or pitching to a team and want to appear enthusiastic and motivated.

Read all about how our big orange pal in the sky provides us with a sundry of benefits, pun intended.


This is the brightest of colours, which inevitably evokes cheerfulness and sunny spirits.

Because it’s so vibrant and bright, it’s the perfect tint for attire if you want to draw attention to yourself.

It’s said that this vivid colour can even boost your metabolism!


This earthy colour is said to help balance the body and settle anxiety, which makes perfect sense. It’s a calming, soothing hue and great for stress.

Green is also said to represent good luck and health, which is why many centuries ago it was actually the choice of colour for brides-to-be, said to represent fertility.


Another colour connected to our blue planet, which is most often used to create a feeling of coolness, calmness and tranquility.

It is said that blue could make you more productive, so decorating your workspace in blue could enhance efficiency.

However, it can also be a cold colour, creating feelings of sadness, which is where the saying feeling blue clearly comes from, so always pick shades of blue that make you feel happy.

We feel that it’s the perfect colour to end our Summer Splash journey, which started with the raging red and journeyed across several shades to culminate in this cooler cast.

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