HÖRFA brand ambassador Tommy Langford set for Commonwealth title fight

Our hard-hitting HÖRFA brand ambassador Tommy Langford is all set to challenge for the Commonwealth super-middleweight title in his next fight.

Langford will face unbeaten southpaw Lerrone Richards for the vacant Commonwealth and WBO International super-middleweight titles on April 21 at the SSE Arena, Wembley, live on BT Sport.

Tommy has won the honours at middleweight before so could become a two-weight Commonwealth champion in this next fight.

HÖRFA have supported the Bideford-born boxer's career since April 2018.

The former England amateur captain hails from the same the same coastal seaside town as HÖRFA in Bideford, Devon, where he is a celebrated sporting hero.

The former British, Commonwealth and WBO Inter-Continental champion will proudly represent the brand in the ring, with the HÖRFA logo emblazoned across his fight kit.

Co-founder Adam Bright commented, “We are really excited and proud to have Tommy, one of Britain’s best boxers, endorsing our products.

 “To have such a high-profile athlete endorse our brand is a dream come true for us, and we are excited to see him fight at Wembley.”

Tickets are available to buy direct from the official Tommy Langford website HERE

To follow Tommy Langford on Twitter, click here @Tommy_Langford1


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  • Tim Rickson

    Excellent news! Tommy is a talented fighter

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