HÖRFA’s Isolation Ideas

HÖRFA’s Isolation Ideas

HÖRFA has put together a list of isolation ideas for everyone to consider during these uncertain and secluded times.

The suggestions below have been invented with families in mind, but can apply to absolutely any kind of household.

Hopefully, a few will tickle your fancy, or maybe even challenge yourself to try all of them!

Fun Stuff

Board Games – Who doesn’t love a board game?! Get the Monopoly out, or Frustration, or even Snakes and Ladders for a traditional throwback. It passes an hour of time, at least, and gets the whole family together; but remember, no cheating (adults), and no tantrums (kids… and adults!).


Quiz – Take turns in designing quizzes. Kids love compiling quiz questions, no doubt the boys will be making a Marvel quiz and only daddy will get all the answers right, but it’s also a great way for adults to keep the kiddies’ brains engaged.

A Mastermind challenge is always fun, where each person chooses their specialist subject and the others have to design the questions, then just grab some general knowledge questions from a Trivial Pursuit or other board game in the house for round two and away you go! Who will be crowned Mastermind Champion?!


Arts & Crafts – Get all the pens, pencils and paints out and have an arts and crafts hour set aside every day. Change it up each day by using props, such as leaves, petals, grass and sticks from the garden. Finding large stones and smooth rocks are great for painting and can decorate the garden or even the house with them.

There’s no end of props that can be used – potatoes make a great printing stamp for paints; the good old fashion loo roll and its endless uses; crisp packets that can shrink in the oven… get creative!

Or create a poster for HÖRFA, like this fantastic one, and send to us on Twitter: @HORFAWEAR We will retweet every single one sent in.

Lego Building – Set aside an hour everyday to make a Lego creation. If you’re lucky, you may have a few unopened Lego sets, but if not there’ll be plenty of available bricks to get building. Change the design brief every day e.g. a hotel, a rocket, a train station, a giant robot… you get the idea!


Cooking – Cook dinner together as a family, or in teams, so Daddy and daughter one day, then mummy and son the next. It’s fun and educational for the children to cook then eat their own meals. It’s also a cheeky way to introduce new foods that the fussy little ones haven’t tried before. If they prepare it, cook it, then serve it, they will be likely to eat it all up.


Lunchtime – Make lunchtimes different every day. Have a picnic in the park, or, in other words, sandwiches and crisps in the garden! Maybe make a den in the front room and let the kids eat in their newly built construction.



Minibeast Hunt – Take to your gardens, with a magnifying glass if you’ve got one, and get down in the grass and dirt to spot creepy crawlies. Try to find a worm, a ladybird, a snail, a butterfly, a slug. Make a log to record all the different things you discover. It’s a nice opportunity to check out the flowers beginning to bloom too.


Gardening – It’s that time of the year when the garden needs sorting and clearing. Spring is in the air and there’s been enough dry days recently to be able to get the lawnmower out from hibernation. Get outside in the garden – if you’re lucky enough to have one – and get weeding, cutting, mowing and just generally get those green fingers dirty.


Obstacle Course – Who doesn’t love an obstacle course?! Kids and adults, get inventive and create a course in the garden by using skipping ropes, cones, plant pots, tyres, footballs, basketballs, anything you can lay your hands on! It’s fun and creative making it and fun and physical when doing it, also getting in a bit of daily exercise. Time it to make it even more challenging and rewarding.


BBQ – Why not? The weather has been kind so far this week. Ok, so food is scarce at the moment, but there’s nothing stopping you from taking your planned evening meals and cooking it on the barbie instead for a bit of a change.


Physical & Mental

Workout – This is suitable for everyone, find a space indoors or outdoors and get active. There’s no shortage of PE lessons and fitness videos online at the moment. The most popular one is workouts with Joe Wicks at 9am every morning, it’s a great way to start the day!

If you’re not able to be so physical or don’t have the space, then find an alternative such as stretching or yoga.


Music – Learn to play an instrument! There’s bound to be a keyboard, guitar, harmonica, or even a dreaded recorder in most households. Find an app or a website which helps you to learn the chords and make it your goal to be able to play a tune in full by the end of lockdown.


Reading – Books are a vital source of knowledge for everyone, so grab a book from the shelf because you’ve got more time than ever to read it right now! Get children to read aloud to you, or FaceTime the grandparents or aunts and uncles and read to them.


Spring Clean – Clothes, photos, toys, utensils, spare cupboard, books, DVDs… you name it, then sort it! There’s no better time to declutter and get the house straight, then find a great place to put it all, whether it’s on eBay to make a bob or two, or your local charity store, or even placed neatly outside your house with a sign for passers-by to help their selves.



FaceTime – Make the most of modern technology and FaceTime family and friends. Kids can even use a FaceTime chat as a play date with friends by setting up the device in a suitable area for them all to play handsfree together, digitally. There's apps available that allow multiple FaceTime chats at once, so you can chat with three or more friends all together.


Pamper Sessions – Treat yourself. If you can’t get to the spa, then let the spa come to you! Time to dig out all those old Christmas and birthday presents that include bath bombs, bubble bath, face scrubs… they’re all lying around unused somewhere! Lads – have yourself a luxury hot shave. Ladies – have a long, hot soak with bubbles. Parents and kids – give each other a neck massage, paint each other’s nails or even a full manicure. Just pamper and treat yourself, so you look good and feel good.


Movie Nights – As you begin to wind down at the end of a (hopefully) fun-filled day full of activities, settle yourself down in front of the TV – which has been turned off all day until now – turn the lights down and have yourself a movie night. With Netflix, the newly launched Disney+ app, Amazon Prime and many others available, there are a multitude of movies out there ready to be watched.


Party Time – Friday and Saturday nights out on the town are temporarily on hold, but that doesn’t mean you have to go to bed early to dream restlessly and mournfully for the pub. At 7pm, get changed, put on a nice top (we recommend the HÖRFA Shadow Sweatshirt), get the music playing and dig out what alcohol you’ve got left and have a nice drink and a social with whoever you’re with. Why not play a game where you choose a popular song and let the others guess whether you 'Love it' or 'Hate it' – try to make them as surprising as possible.


Hope this helps while away the hours in isolation. Feel free to send HÖRFA your pics of you trying any of them out on Twitter and we will answer each and every one of you: @HORFAWEAR


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