Lockdown affected your sleep patterns? Here's the remedy...

Lockdown affected your sleep patterns? Here's the remedy...

Lockdown was an unusual and uncertain time for everyone. Bizarrely, one of the most reported results in strange behaviour was people’s adverse sleep patterns.

Many described having curiously vivid dreams and broken sleep that meant they couldn’t stick to their normal sleeping routines.

There were varying reasons for this, such as anxiety, concerns for health, wellbeing and family members, and worries about financial security.

So an increasing amount of sufferers turned to CBD for sleep, as a remedy, which is becoming increasingly popular across the world, increasingly available and progressively more backed up by research that shows how beneficial it can be to our health.

More and more people are using CBD to help with perpetual sleep problems. Getting to sleep and enjoying a good quality slumber is vital to be able to live our lives healthily and effectively, and it seems that CBD can be useful in giving us that required rest.

Can CBD Help with Sleep?

It would be nice to be able to say that CBD is a miracle drug that will send you off to sleep, but due to the fact that research is still relatively recent, it is still not possible to completely make these claims. We do know, however, that a lot of people believe that it helps them with their sleep problems.

There is still a lot that we don’t know about sleep, but we know that the endocannabinoid system helps to regulate our sleep-wake cycle. There are over 70 different sleep disorders so it would be difficult to say that CBD can ‘cure’ them all. However, there are some ways which scientists believe that CBD can help.

Research shows that CBD can actually have a mildly ‘awakening’ effect. However, it can also affect some of the chemicals in the brain which help with calming and anxiety, which can then help you to relax and sleep well.

We also know that there is a link between our activities during the day and having a good quality night’s sleep. It’s, therefore, possible that CBD can help you during the day to focus, be productive, and be alert, naturally, meaning that it is easier to sleep when it comes to bedtime.


Both amateur and professional boxers are are increasingly using CBD oil to aid them in their training, fighting, and recovery regimes.

WBA International super-welterweight champion Anthony Fowler is the first sportsman that will inevitably spring to mind when thinking of CBD Oil users, but IBF World lightweight champion Teofimo Lopez from Brooklyn is also a believer in the powerful product and heavyweight loudmouth Shannon Briggs is also a regular user.

At first glance, a herbal medicine derived from a plant such as cannabis would not seem to line up entirely with the world of boxing. CBD has been shown to be a powerful anti-inflammatory medication. Anti-inflammatory properties are what make many painkillers useful, such as ibuprofen. For anyone who has ever seen a boxing match, there is no doubt as to the usefulness of a painkiller for active boxers.

Champion boxers, who spend every day dealing with pain and are also known to count rest as important as work, is likely to be the best endorsement for the product that you can possibly get.

Try it and see if it works for you.

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