Q&A with long-reigning British featherweight champion Ryan Walsh

Q&A with long-reigning British featherweight champion Ryan Walsh

Exclusive interview with professional boxer Ryan Walsh

HÖRFA spoke to pro boxer and brand ambassador Ryan Walsh the morning after winning his last fight!

Despite enduring six gruelling rounds of professional boxing against former Scottish Area champion Ronnie Clark on December 18th, Ryan Walsh answered 10 questions all about fashion on the Sunday morning after.

The 35-year-old, from Cromer, Norfolk, is a former British featherweight champion, who held the prestigious title for over five years with six successful defences, which is a joint record in the division's history.

Hear all about his favourite HÖRFA items and fashion preferences below:


Hey Ryan, what is about the HÖRFA brand that first attracted you?

“The name! As a self-confessed geek, I thought it was a bit different and interesting.”


How often do you go shopping for new items of clothing?

“I’d say once a month. I always shop online and my most recent purchase was the HÖRFA Christmas Bell jumper through the HÖRFA website.”

Who owns the most amount of clothes in your household?

“Like most, it’s my partner! Although I do run a very close second!”


Talk us through the type of items we could find in your wardrobe?

“A wide array of clothes, as a professional athlete there’s a lot of gym wear mixed with casual to quality garments.”


What colours do you usually go for?

“Black. I’m a fan of subtle/classy clothes.”


 Do you have any fashion models or style icons you follow?

 “Not really, I have a twin who seems to have a very good fashion sense.”


Favourite accessories to pair with your outfits?

“I do like my watches and, as a self-confessed geek, I own an iWatch and beats, again all subtle.”


You’ve been invited to red carpet event, but it’s not a strict dress code, what will you be wearing?

“Something comfortable that looks cool, definitely subtle.”


Any fashion disasters you look back on in shame?

“Yes! Many ill-fitting suits as a teenager at weddings.”


Lastly, and most importantly, what are your favourite HÖRFA designs?

“It’s got to be the Phantom Punch Jumper, it’s so iconic and, as a professional boxer, that photo is pure history.”

 You can follow Ryan on Instagram @7_iron_ryan_

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