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HORFA vs Gucci

2018 is the year of printed fashion statements as highlighted in the Spring Summer launch by none other than Gucci

We know that we'll never be anywhere near Gucci in global status terms however we firmly believe that our range is much better and best of all much better value for money.

Our main vision for our Spring Summer 2018 Collection was to provide a high-end fashion range at high street price tag. Why should it only be celebrities who have the luxury to have the freshest clothing and us mere mortals having to debate a loan to purchase a tee.

We've taken a look at Gucci's range and provide 2 reasons (the 2 most important) as to why our range outshines Gucci - PRICE & QUALITY.

Exhibit A - Price

We've used an example here to showcase the value for money. Gucci's emphasis is orientated around this Snow White inspired tee, coming in at a hefty £315.

Our whole range of tees are set at £29.99.

Exhibit B - Material & Quality

Gucci have opted for a standard cotton t-shirt - pretty much a tee you'd get from Topman or River Island for a tenth of the price.

Our collection (Sweatshirts and Tees) are made from 100% Organic Cotton - Earth Positive Materials.


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