High End Fashion Sweatshirt

Bearded Villain Curt Rogers makes a statement

We are less than a month in to the launch of our Luxury Mens Streetwear collection and already we've had huge support from everyone.

This range was by far our most challenging (and fun) project to date, we spent many months liaising with our artists and photographers to help us create a collection worthy for any and all occasions.

We have a vision and ethos that every day fashion should be a way of letting people know who you are and what you are about. Our F**K Religion design is by far the most controversial design in our collection however this is a design that certainly makes a statement - after all fashion is all about making a statement right?

Bearded Villain member Curtis Rogers recently sent us this picture and we were stoked, it's great to see our designs making a statement and what better way than wearing our F**K Religion Sweatshirt outside of a cathedral?

This design was created to highlight the fact that the world is unfortunately becoming manipulated by politics and religion and in the most part for the worse. After all, most problems are caused by such a cruel system. Obviously we added our own unique and twisted version to keep it trendy and fashionable. High end fashion at it's finest.

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