#OnlyTheBest - Jake Guentzel

#OnlyTheBest - Jake Guentzel

The NHL season is roughly a quarter of the way through the season and our very own Jake Guentzel of the Pittsburgh Penguins is at it again.

The dust has only just settled on the accomplishment achieved by the Pittsburgh Penguins of securing yet another Stanley Cup to their trophy cabinet.

It's safe to say that thus far the Penguins haven't hit the heights that they are accustomed to however an overtime victory of the Philadelphia Flyers has now put the Penguins on to a 2 game win streak. Is this the part of the season that will bring back the recent Penguins we've seen over the past few years?

In our Only The Best series it exactly what it says on the tin. We provide the best clothing and watches and therefore we only opt for elite role models to endorse our brand. Our very own Jake Guentzel has proved this once again.

Last season having matched the rookie record for points in a playoff campaign, our man Jake has provided that he is not a one hit wonder. 

Anyhow back to the reason why Jake Guentzel is Only The Best. 

We've all played the NHL video games (even if it was just to take the gloves off and have a rook) or became inspired by the game of Ice Hockey from the movie series of The Mighty Ducks however Jake is carrying out all our ambitions for real.

In the latest fixture in the busy schedule for the Penguins they came up against fellow Eastern Conference rivals and Metropolitan Division challengers the Philadelphia Flyers. 

The game was what can only be described as a Topsy turvy affair. The Penguins took a slender lead at the end of the first period of play thanks to our very own Jake Guentzel from the back of an assist via Justin Schultz and Matt Murray.

The second period of play was nothing short of a disaster (at the time) as we seen the Flyers outfox the Penguins and take a 3-1 lead in with one period of play left in large due to a poor disciplined period seeing two penguins player sent to the penalty box.

Up step Jake Guentzel.....

Period three face off and it see's the Penguins having to climb a mountain (okay we exaggerated - a hill would be the best way to describe their challenge ahead)  1 Minute and 7 Seconds in to the period see's the Penguins pull one back and bring it back to 3-2 off the back of a Patric Hornqvist power play and an assist via the legend himself, Sid Crosby and our very own Jake Guentzel.

39 seconds later the Penguins hit back to make it 3-3 courtesy of an unassisted Bryan Rust effort, Penguins have quickly turned this around and taken the upper hand. However, here is a spanner and it is about to be thrown in to the works - The Flyers have scored and took a 4-3 lead courtesy of another unassisted effort and this time it was Michael Raffl. Worse yet, only 3 minutes 41 seconds remain on the clock.

Time to step up again.... Jake Guentzel

He shoots he scores and takes this baby in to overtime via an assist from Justin Schultz and the legend himself (again) Sid Crosby.

O/T face off and the pressure is on for the Penguins to keep momentum on their side and go on a 2 win streak. It didn't take long for us to get the outcome of this Jekyll and Hyde fixture with the ever reliable veteran Sid Crosby to tie up the game and give the Penguins a 5-4 victory.


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