12 Days of Christmas Competition Winners

12 Days of Christmas Competition Winners

Our 12 Days of Christmas Competition is well underway!

So many of our loyal supporters are getting involved on our social media channels – Instagram, Twitter and Facebook – so thank you all and a warm welcome to all our new fans.

We have already started giving away many free gifts and here is an update below to show the story so far:

Day 1

We asked for your favourite Christmas movie scene and you answered us in your thousands! Thanks so much for kicking off the Christmas giveaway so brilliantly!

After much debate and deliberation, Team HÖRFA decided on crowning Twitter follower MrMojoRising the champion with this pic from 'It's a Wonderful Life':

Our star winner bagged himself a HÖRFA Classic Tee!

Day 2

On the second day, we asked what your Christmas pet hates were and you spent the day venting your frustrations!! We kicked off with our pet hate - wrappers in the Roses!

Richard Carter won the prize of a HÖRFA Classic watch with this answer:
“Christmas lights that mysteriously tangle over the course of the year You put them away nice and neat on the 6th January, but when you get them out of the loft they end up like this..how....why...arghhhhhhh”

Day 3

We asked you all what the worst gift you've ever received on Christmas Day was and boy did you make us laugh! Why are so many husbands out there buying their wives an iron for Christmas?!! That's just asking for trouble lads!

Twitter follower @bengriffo1997 took the trophy with his 'dreaded Lynx set' response and secured himself one of our stylish snapbacks.

Day 4

Today we have asked for you to caption this ridiculously adorable pic for a chance to win one of our stunning Blue Sapphire watches.

Day 4 winner and new owner of a stunning Blue Sapphire watch was Emily Hutchinson from Harrogate with her witticism below:

Day 5

Day 5 of the 12 Days of Christmas wants your WORST Christmas cracker jokes for a chance to win one of our stylish Hands of Time watches. Get involved everyone - the cheesier the better!

The response was great! We were rolling our eyes all day long at the HÖRFA HQ! In the end, we deemed Shropshire lass Rebecca England as the Christmas cracker champion with this stinker:

Day 6

Half way through the 12 Days Competition and today we want to hear what your favourite Christmas chocs are?

On lucky winner, was Clare Davies from Facebook who won a stylish Multilaut Sweatshirt. Clare won us over with this absolute classic! Who doesn't love a Walnut Whip?!

Day 7

Today's task is very simple yet very important... Twiglets - LOVE or HATE?? We needed to settle the debate! All we wanted was a reply and the LOVE campaign just pipped it with 60% of the vote.

Insta follower Benjamin @pritchard533 was our lucky winner, chosen at random, and already has his prize of a Classic T-Shirt om it's way to him.

Day 8

First week of December is all finished and the question we asked on this day was: Is your Christmas tree up yet or not?

One lucky winner, chosen at random, was Greig Spencer who received one of our stylish Pinstripe Watches as an early Christmas present!

Day 9

Today we have followed on from the Christmas tree theme to ask the question: Real or No Real? Are our followers putting up artificial or real Christmas trees - let's find out!

Our random winner on Day 9 was Insta follower @tonytatt93! Tone from Birmingham bagged himself a HÖRFA tracksuit.

Day 10

Today we want to know what is your favourite Christmas tipple? The forever classy Team at HÖRFA HQ love nothing more than sitting back in the evening with an Irish Coffee!

Our winner on Day 10 - Facebook follower Kieran Evans - made a good point that Stubbies are in fact the official festive drink as every house seems to have them over Christmas and New Years! Kieran won himself a pair of our HÖRFA joggers for his efforts.

Day 11

It's the penultimate day and we have rolled out site wide sale in celebration! Our competition today is asking followers for their favourite Christmas TV Advert - one lucky winner will receive one of our brand new range of logo t-shirts, not even released yet!

Facebook follower Jacqueline Ballard took the spoils on Day 11 - congratulations Jac!

Day 12

The final day was epic! We definitely saved the best 'til last, with 12 lucky winners taking home prizes worth over £200! Our top prize was a £100 gift voucher to spend in our online store, which was awarded to Insta follower Tom Mills. 11 other lucky winners received £10 vouchers for simply telling us if they had made it on Santa's Naughty or Nice list this year?

Thanks to everyone who took part all over the 12 Days of Christmas on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook

12 Days of Christmas Competition

It’s that special time of year again!

There’s no other time of year that evokes such magic, generosity and communion in people as Christmas does, and Team HÖRFA are feeling just as charitable, friendly and merry so have dreamed up a fantastic giveaway to really get the festive season started!

We are giving away as many free gifts as we can think of from December 1st to 12th in our brand-new 12 Days of Christmas Competition across our three social media channels – Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, so make sure you are following to be in with a chance.

Every day a competition will appear on our social media channels with a winner chosen for their best answer – yes, that's right, no random winners here, we will make you work for your prize!

Once you see the comp announced at 8am every morning follow the very simple instructions to enter. The winner will be announced at 10pm every night, ready to start the next giveaway the very following morning.

There will be a dozen lucky winners by the end of the competition, but there will also be incredible discounts on other items in store, so everyone’s a winner!

If you want the best chance of winning, then take part every day on every channel!

Good luck and a very Merry Christmas from Team HÖRFA!

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