Actor Andy Gatenby joins the HÖRFA Family

Actor Andy Gatenby joins the HÖRFA Family

Welcome to Team HÖRFA, Andy Gatenby!

Actor Andy Gatenby is the latest star to become a member of the HÖRFA Family

The 34-year-old talented performer is steadily increasing his acting credits, appearing in recent British films ‘Nemesis’ and ‘Renegades’.

A former professional boxer from Portsmouth, the undefeated featherweight was forced to hang up his gloves in 2014 after failing a medical exam due to an eye injury when on the cusp of an English title shot.

Following the devastating news, he threw himself into other physical trials, such as triathlons and tough-mudders, which led to him entering the BBC2 reality TV show ‘Special Forces – Ultimate Hell Week’, in 2015.

Presented by ex-cricketer Andrew Flintoff – who Andy quickly became friends with –  the former boxer was put through a series of gruelling tasks set by SAS leaders from around the world, and managed to pass every single test, only being eliminated in the final week of the six-part show.

Although he didn’t win first place, to reach the final five from a total 30 contestants that started the show is an incredible achievement.

A married father of two, Andy was one of the most loved characters on the show and he has since been accumulating more and more film and TV roles, working alongside award-winning actors and Hollywood stars.

Also a proud ambassador of a children’s charity – The Amelia-Mae Foundation – the devoted family man is constantly raising money for worthy causes via more extreme physical assignments such as skydiving and swimming The Solent.

Despite his intensely busy schedule, HÖRFA caught up with multi-talented man ahead of the release of his newest film, ‘Renegades’:

Welcome to the HÖRFA Family, Andy, what is about the brand that first attracted you?

“Thank you. It’s great to be on board with Team HÖRFA. I have always liked the streetwear range and I can relate to their strong connection to boxing. It’s great quality from a British company at an affordable price.”


How often do you go shopping for new items of clothing?

“I normally go shopping for clothes every couple of months. Sometimes, I can go a bit longer without shopping at all, but then I tend to go on a bit of a binge shop!”


Who has the most amount of clothes in your household?

“I’ve definitely got the most clothes in the house! My wife is always telling me I need to throw some away because there’s no more space! I’ve got about 12 coats at home because if I like something I keep it for a long while and look after it well. I’m not one to bin clothes, that’s for sure.”


Other than HÖRFA, what other designer brands do you wear?

“I like my Stone Island and Givenchy. Armor Vitta is another quality brand that I really like.”

Talk us through the type of items we could find in your wardrobe?

“I like my T-shirts and jumpers, I’m rarely in shirts. I like to keep things comfy. During the week I normally chill in a pair of joggers but always like to put on a pair of jeans and a crisp t-shirt on the weekends.”


Do you have any fashion models or style icons you follow?

“I don’t really have anyone I follow style-wise. I either like something or I don’t. I’m colour blind too, so sometimes what I’m wearing doesn’t even match haha! My wife sorts me out though and lets me know if what I’m wearing is clashing.”


Favourite accessories?

“Favourite accessories for me has to be a nice watch.”


You’ve been invited to red carpet event, but it’s not a strict dress code, what will you be wearing?

“If I’m going to a red carpet but it’s not a strict dress code. I’m gonna be rocking some black skinny jeans with back shoes and a crisp white shirt. Maybe a cheeky little colourful blazer or something like that to round it off.”

Any fashion disasters you look back on in shame?

“I think we all look back at how we used to dress and laugh about it. When I was much younger, I used to rock about in tracksuit bottoms tucked into a pair of football socks high up my legs. I used to think it looked alright, but no, it didn’t!”


Lastly, and most importantly, what are your favourite HÖRFA designs?

“I love the HÖRFA Classic T-Shirt in blue. It fits in next to any luxurious t-shirt you could buy and looks really good.”

Resting Reindeer

Andy pictured above wearing our Resting Reindeer Christmas Jumper

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