Champion boxer Michael Ramabeletsa joins the HÖRFA Family

Champion boxer Michael Ramabeletsa joins the HÖRFA Family

Welcome to the team, Michael Ramabeletsa!

Former English champion Michael Ramabeletsa is the latest star to become a proud member of the HÖRFA Family.

The puncher from Preston is presently preparing for his next fight in the New Year.

During his 13-year professional career, the ‘Trouble Maker’ has won Central Area and English titles, and challenged for Commonwealth and WBC International belts too.

With an exactly even record of 18 wins and 18 defeats, he can often be found occupying the away corner up and down the country, and in his last three victories he ruined the records of a trio of undefeated prospects who were unbeaten in 24 fights between them.

South African-born, the 40-year-old father is a great ambassador for HÖRFA, who greatly admire and shares his attributes – tenacious, industrious, intrepid.

Find out all about the talented super-bantamweight, who aims to become Britain's oldest champion, in our interview below:


Welcome to the HÖRFA Family, Michael, what is about the brand that first attracted you?

“I love it! I really like the Stars & Stripes sweatshirt, and in fact I wore the Union Jack sweatshirt just yesterday and my physio – during our appointment – actually asked where I got it from. It’s quality clothing.”


How often do you go shopping for new items of clothing?

“Probably once a month now. I used to go shopping most of the time before my daughter and sons were born, but now I’m mostly doing my shopping for the family over me.”


 Who has the most amount of clothes in your household?

“Me! Just because I used to buy clothes all the time and most of them haven’t barely been used. Some of my clothes have only ever been work once. I have a lot of expensive coats, but I never use them, so they last a while. After a fight, I used to go and spoil myself, but I don’t get to that as much anymore.”


Other than HÖRFA, what other designer brands do you like?

“I like Fendi; Gucci; Louis Vuitton; Balenciaga; Yeezy. My sneakers are the latest design from Nike.”

Talk us through the type of items we could find in your wardrobe?

“You can find jeans, more t-shirts than anything else; maybe a couple of Hugo Boss shirts.”


Do you have any fashion models or style icons you follow?

“I would say that I watch YouTube music videos when I’m just chilling at home, like Kanye and Chris Brown, and I like their style. It’s funny because I only listen to music when I’m at home, when I’m in the gym, I actually listen to motivational speakers in my headphones when I’m training.”


Favourite accessories?

“Anything that suits me, really. I’ve got a Versace watch I like to wear on occasions.”


You’ve been invited to red carpet event, but it’s not a strict dress code, what will you be wearing?

“A pair of Fendi sneakers with Versace jeans, paired with a nice Fendi t-shirt, then I may wear a long sleeve under my tee, if it’s a bit chilly outside like it is right now.”


 Any fashion disasters you look back on in shame?

“Back in the day, I used to be more on sportswear, like Nike and Adidas. Funnily enough, there’s a club in South Africa, called the Kaiser Chiefs, and I always wore their t-shirts.”


Lastly, and most importantly, what are your favourite HÖRFA designs?

“I love the Stars & Stripes and Union Jack sweatshirts, but my favourite print has to be the Marley one.”


You can follow Michael on Instagram here: @mike_champofficial

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