Introducing Toby…

Introducing Toby…

Introducing Toby… HÖRFA’s adorable new mascot

Say hello to Toby the Hedgehog.

Toby is a fashionable, likeable, fun and confident character who stars in one of our newest collections.

Released late last year, the new range became HÖRFA’s fasting selling product of all-time, surpassing all forecasts and expectations.

The popularity has been quite astonishing, and there are new designs already in the works, so there’ll be further items added to the collection in 2020, we’re very pleased to announce.

The architect of the idea to create a new mascot, HÖRFA’s Marketing Director Tim Rickson, explains in his own words how the concept was formed:

“Toby was my childhood teddy. From receiving him as a present on my fourth birthday, he became my best friend and would go everywhere with me, I would show him off to everyone, take him to school, take him on holiday, take him absolutely everywhere.

He was a big part of my childhood and all my family remember him fondly, as I do. It was when I passed him down to my son, Charlie, 30 years later when he was four, that I realised he would now be creating lots of new, happy moments and everlasting memories for my son.

It made me appreciate how important and extraordinary he is, and I began to form the idea to immortalise him in a design, almost as a tribute to him for everything he had done for me and was now going to replicate for my son.

Obviously, the success of the Polo bear was clearly a big influence in my decision to begin this process. However, I went through my own procedure without allowing any other designs and ideas to cloud my creativity or contaminate my judgement, because this was something very personal to me and I wanted to keep it that way.

First, I took the idea to the other Directors to gauge their response and, surprising to me, they were all really keen. I didn’t expect them to be because it’s my pride and joy and I didn’t anticipate anyone else having the same perspective on Toby as me, but they could see my passion for the project and promptly agreed. Good start.

There was quite a process involved in the next stage to get the design of Toby just right, because I wanted his character to be captured perfectly. Luckily, the designer brought in specifically for this project was a friend of mine that I used to work with at a marketing agency in Maidstone, Darryl Hartley.

I kind of suspected he would, because I trust and respect his talent so much, but Darryl absolutely nailed the design perfectly in his first draft and from there it was just minor tweaks and dressing him up in different costumes to get it just right.

I was overjoyed with the final product and pleased to be able to transcend Toby in the way that we did, because if I was even one per cent unconvinced then I would’ve scrapped the whole idea completely. Fortunately, it went well, which is testament to the team involved in the project.

The reaction when the collection was released was just the icing on the cake! I couldn’t believe how quickly the range was accepted by our customers; I wasn’t expecting that kind of response at all, so it was very rewarding and humbling for me after so much work and personal devotion.

I’m satisfied that I have memorialised Toby as closely and respectfully as I could, capturing his genuine warmth, and the reaction received from our audience has certified that.

I hope that everyone purchasing these items will read this story to further understand and appreciate Toby and endear to him. I’ve already got myself a Toby Classic sweatshirt in navy! I’m not just saying this, but it is a head turner. I’ve been measuring people’s reactions and I can tell it catches their eye and intrigue. I hope it continues to appeal and interest.”



Name: Toby the Hedgehog
Born: 03/09/1985
From: Welling, Kent
Height: 21cm
Weight: 2 ½ lbs
Favourite HÖRFA Item: Union Jack Sweatshirt

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