New Range of Christmas Jumpers for 2019

New Range of Christmas Jumpers for 2019

New Range of Christmas Jumpers for 2019

HÖRFA’s brand-new range of Christmas jumpers for 2019 mix a festive feel with fresh fashion.

Look good whilst showing off your Christmas spirit with four different prints to choose from:

Christmas Sparkles

Those Christmas lights… What would the jolly season be without all the elaborate illuminations embellishing the otherwise normal looking landscapes?

London is one city that takes its Christmas lightings very seriously, so much so that a trip to see the London lights has become a yearly ritual for many close to the capital.

Apparently, the tradition began in Regent Street in 1954 when local retailers arranged a display to dramatically alter the look of their drab post-war surroundings and attract custom. Oxford Street joined in five years later and now the whole city is irradiated in sparkling brilliance every year from the middle of November onwards.


Winter’s Tale

Freddie Mercury sums this scene up perfectly with his mirthful musical melody, ‘A Winter’s Tale’, released in 1995.

“The nights draw in
There’s a silky moon up in the sky
Children are fantasizing
Grown-ups are standing by
What a super feeling
Am I dreaming?”

But don’t play this until December 1st, though, and not a day earlier!


Santa’s Sleigh

This magical moonlit scene shows Santa speeding past on his sleigh pulled by his team of nine enchanted reindeer.

Rudolph, Blitzen, Comet and the rest of the team work for 31 hours straight to deliver presents to millions of children around the world. They can only do this through the power of flight, time zones and super strength, plus the added magic of Santa himself, of course.

FACT: Santa’s sleigh is around 30 feet long and can travel over 650 miles per second!


Christmas Tree

Fir, spruce, pine or cedar, Christmas trees are one of the biggest and longest serving of Christmas traditions, having been said to have first originated over 500 years ago.

Prince Albert is credited for introducing the Christmas tree to Britain in 1840, although Queen Charlotte is reported to have set up the first ever one 40 years earlier. The trend immediately spread around the aristocracy, and that movement soon spread to all classes all over the world.

HÖRFA’s top tips for trees are to check room height before buying, keep it watered well, and always be careful of any fire risks.

It’s also tradition to drink a glass of Bailey’s or some other festive beverage whilst decorating the tree. Why not buy this arborescent jumper so you can ornament in style!


It’s no longer four calling birds, it’s now four festive designs – get yours now!

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