We are keeping calm (and going to New York)

We are keeping calm (and going to New York)

With the festive season just around the corner we have started to think about where would be the best place for us to visit with our latest products and upcoming product launches..... only one winner - NEW YORK!!!

We will be visiting the city to take in the sights and grab some cool snaps along the way. Expect to see our watches and new clothing launch items snapped at the most famous park on this planet - Central Park or during the hustle and bustle Times Square, at New York's most iconic venue Madison Square Garden, by the world's most famous statue - The Statue of Liberty, on the famous Brooklyn Bridge and of course by the iconic Rockefeller Christmas Tree from everybody's favourite Christmas film - Home Alone 2 Lost in New York.

Our theory behind visiting New York was simple. We have amazing products and it made sense for us to showcase these in the most amazing City on the planet. Also from our #OnlyTheBest blog series our very own Jamal Adams has made this his playground and become hit since his rookie season for the New York Jets.

If you have any ideas that you think would work well for our products then contact us by email - support@horfawear.com 

If we like your ideas and use them on our blog then guess what? 

WE WILL GIVE YOU A FREE WATCH as a little Christmas present from us all at HORFA.

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