HÖRFA’s Favourite Foods

HÖRFA’s Favourite Foods

HÖRFA lists some of our family's favs

Lockdown has seen our fridge doors opened more than ever before! If they had a voice, they would likely be saying, “Oh what now?” every time we approach!

Food is one of life’s greatest pleasures and during these uncertain, concerned times, it’s definitely a treat you should reward yourselves with.

HÖRFA have listed below some of our family’s favourite foods to inspire you to cook up a treat during isolation:

Oskar Gudmundsson

“Grilled lamb leg, it’s a common dish in Iceland. You have it with potatoes or sweet potatoes, with sauce. Now that I live in Sweden, I don’t get it that often. But every time I come back home, my family makes it for me. Or when I get visitors from Iceland, they bring me a lamb leg or two!”

Brad Hayward
Reality TV Star

“Probably pan-Asian, so much variety and flavours and I’m massively into spicy food. Love wagyu, beef parcels and rock shrimp!”

Tim Rickson
Marketing Director

“Well, lasagne has always been my favourite, so that’s no.1 for me. I think it’s because I used to be such a big Garfield fan when I was growing up!

Having grown up in south London, pie and mash with liquor has always been a favourite of mine. I’d go to Manze's at Tower Bridge before Millwall games on a Saturday, or after football training on a Saturday morning, during my college lunch breaks, literally any time I could go!

Now that I live further out in Kent, I don’t get to have it very often, so when I do, it’s even more of a treat! Goddards in Greenwich is the pie and mash shop I visit the most nowadays. Just found out they deliver, too!”

Adam Bright

“I like a lot of the traditional dishes, such as a nice English roast dinner on a Sunday. I also enjoy a good curry with all the bits and pieces – naan bread, poppadum’s, mango chutney, everything!”