Kindness Suits You

Kindness Suits You

HÖRFA’s newest range is designed to inspire kindness, compassion and civility.

‘Kindness Suits You’ is the newest range of printed sweatshirts and t-shirts from HÖRFA, available in five different colours.

It was HÖRFA's recent campaign to support the WWF and their vital conservation work with a range of clothing that donated part of the proceeds to the charity that first inspired the words - 'Kindness suits you'.

The message is simple and clear – being kind suits you.

So be kind to everyone, and that includes animals, the environment and even yourself. You’ll feel better for it. No, seriously, you will. Being kind and helpful to others can boost your serotonin, which is the neurotransmitter responsible for feelings of satisfaction.

Kindness can lead to so many good things, such as new friendships, healthier friendships, enhanced self-esteem, improved mental health, and can release stress and anxiety.


World title contender and British boxing legend ASHLEY THEOPHANE supports the wholesome movement:


Kindness is contagious – it comes back to you

If you show humanity and selflessness enough then it can cause a ripple effect and makes the recipient of your kind act pass it on to others during their day, and you could find that compassion returning to you as the kind-heartedness spreads.

So spread the word with one of HÖRFA’s ‘Kindness Suits You’ range to display the message loud and clear for everyone to see.

Be Kind – Be HÖRFA

Check out the range right here: Kindness Suits You