Q&A with HÖRFA model Curtis Rogerz

Q&A with HÖRFA model Curtis Rogerz

HÖRFA model Curtis Rogerz, 22 from Bath, reveals his proudest moments and the secret to his success as a male model.


What is your favourite part of a fashion shoot?
“I like all of it, to be honest, and it does feel good when the pictures come out well. When you get to see it in large print, it feels very rewarding. I was at a barber convention and I saw a 7ft high picture of me as I was walking around and I’ve got to say it feels good seeing that!

Of course, being the face of a fashion label and featuring all over the website and the social channels is quite rewarding.”

What has been your proudest moment in your career so far?
“Probably the HÖRFA advertising and shoots and being the main face of the brand. I like the quality of the photos and feel very proud of them. The one on the 7ft banner was one of best photos of me, so I was pleased with how that one came out.”

What would be your dream photoshoot?
“I would love to get a shoot all through the industrial parts of London, in the alleyways and the abandoned warehouses and graffitied places in the back streets.

I speak to a lot of models on Instagram and there’s a guy called Tom Mills, we’re into the same things, and I think we would look good in a shoot together, so he’s someone I would like to work with someday.”


How would you describe your style?
“I have a big beard, so I stand out quite a lot and companies often use me just for my beard. I have tattoos as well, but the beard is the main thing that makes me stand out the most.

I don’t know how to describe my look really, I guess it’s a bit old fashioned with a modern twist, bit hipster, it’s just kind of just working for me. I roll up my jeans to show my ankle tatts, but just because I like a nice fitted jean, I don’t like baggy, I like it to fit nice. I like to mix it up and roll up a sleeve or my jeans, everyone on Insta always wears trainers but I prefer Vans because it looks different and a bit old school and retro. It’s a look that goes well with beards and brings back the old school look.

I’m actually growing my hair out again so I can tie it up so its like messy but clean at the same time. I used to have long hair but just got it all cut off one day, but I’m growing it out again.”

What is your favourite HÖRFA item?
“Probably the bomber jacket, I love that and literally don’t take it off! I like the Memories t-shirt as well.”

Who are your heroes?
“Most of my Instagram is based on bearded people, I’ve always been interested in beards, I think it’s because nowadays not a lot of people have them anymore. So, I suppose I follow and look up to anyone who looks good wearing a beard.

I do love my fashion, so I like a guy called Chet Sket on Insta; he does a lot of urban shoots and been on a few TV programs so he has a big following, like half-a-million, but it’s just his photos are quality and just the way he looks in his images. He has a similar look to many other modern models, especially on Instagram, but his photos are always different and so well taken and it all just goes together so well for him and just works. Big fan!”

What makes you happy?
“Taking pictures. If I’ve got some free time, I’m always out taking photos; I just love taking pictures.

Having tattoos, I do like my tattoos and want to be covered by probably end of 2020 or something like that. I like art and tattoos and I like being different. I do get a lot of looks and attention around Bath, where I  live, sometimes because of my look with the big beard and the tatts! There’s not too many people look like me around Bath, and it’s a bit tourist area so there’s people visiting from all over. My beard is touching my chest now so people stare at it a lot!”

What are you really good at?
“I like drawing. I even like to do a bit of tattooing and even done my own tattoos before! I did two tattoos on my legs myself, one of an octopus on my left thigh and an old school diving helmet on my right thigh. It took about three hours each, I bought a gun off Amazon and did it just because I love art and being creative. It hurt a little bit, but just carried on with it.

I’m good at flying drones as well, I used to fly every weekend but the weather is quite bad at the moment. I like making films and videos and people I do the videos for are always very happy with them.”

Tell us something that no one knows about you?
“When I was in my teens, I was quite naughty and got kicked out of school at the age of 16! I wasn’yt really naughty and didn’t bully or break the law or anything like that, I just a short attention span and was quite disruptive in lessons. So the school sent me to an automotive academy to fix high-value cars and I had to re-sit all my exams. I was very good with my hands, very practical, so I was put to use making and fixing cars!”

You can follow Curtis Rogerz in Insta here @beardedurbex

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