‘Save our Species’ Campaign – BONUS Limited Edition Leopard Print

‘Save our Species’ Campaign – BONUS Limited Edition Leopard Print

Just one more...

Due to the resounding success of HÖRFA’s ‘Save our Species’ campaign, where we launched six brand-new limited-edition prints featuring endangered animals across the globe to raise vital funds for the WWF, there is now an additional print added to the range!

Last year, we released the majestic Tiger print – the most bought item in the collection so far – then the charismatic Gorilla print, followed by the strong Rhino print. This year, we begun with the tranquil Sea Turtle print, then the affectionate Orangutan print, culminating in the emphatic Elephant print from last month.

Due to the high demand and popularity of the campaign, HÖRFA have now released an additional bonus print for April to finish off the collection in style!

Introducing the Leopard print.

The Amur Leopard is considered as the rarest cat on earth, with only around 100 believed to be in existence in the wild. The rare leopard subspecies, native to the Primorye region of southeastern Russia and northeastern China are critically endangered.

The nocturnal Amur leopard has a thick, luscious coat of fur and a huge furry tail they can wrap around themselves to keep warm.

Despite being driving to the edge of extinction, there’s good news that their numbers appear to be rising once again thanks to vital conservation work.

HÖRFA are helping too, and so can you, as profits from every sale of this print will be donated directly to WWF to help towards their vital conservation work.

Who knew that shopping and looking good could save a species! Do your bit by buying this alluring print of the rarest cat in the world for you or for a friend. Or you can visit www.org.uk and donate directly towards their cause instead.

The limited-edition prints are available for a short time only, so once it’s gone… it’s gone!

Shop now: https://horfawear.com/collections/save-our-species