‘Save our Species’ November Campaign – Limited Edition Gorilla Print

‘Save our Species’ November Campaign – Limited Edition Gorilla Print

‘Save our Species’ November Campaign – Limited Edition Gorilla Print

As part of HÖRFA’s ‘Save our Species’ campaign, the second of six limited edition prints feature the mighty but endangered gorilla.

Gorillas are one of our closest living relatives, sharing over 95% of our DNA.

There are two different gorilla species – the Western Gorilla and the Eastern Gorilla, each with two separate sub-species.

Belonging to the family Hominidae, gorillas are sociable animals and have been observed displaying emotions such as grief and compassion for other primates, and also humans. They have shown high levels of intelligence by making their own tools for survival and have a wide range of vocabulary, too.

They spend large amounts of their time grooming each other, which is an important aspect of their lives to help establish and reinforce social bonds.

They are mainly herbivorous, eating mostly leaves, shoots and stems, fruit, and also a few small animal prey, such as grubs, ants, termites, caterpillars.

Sadly, their numbers have been decreasing for decades, there are only around 1,000 mountain gorillas left in the wild, which is an appallingly low number. Poaching and loss of habitat are among a few reasons why their numbers have declined over the years.

HÖRFA are helping their cause by donating £1 from every sale of November’s alluring Gorilla print directly to the WWF to help towards their vital conservation work.

You can do your bit by buying this strong, charismatic print for you or a friend. Who knew that shopping and looking good could help save a species!

Or you can visit www.org.uk to donate towards their cause instead.

The limited-edition prints are available for November only, so once it's gone… it's gone!

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