To do or not to do – new lockdown rules explained

To do or not to do – new lockdown rules explained

New lockdown rules simplified

After the PM’s speech on May 10, there was a wave of confusion that followed, with some of the instructions being a little ambiguous to say the least.

The underlying theme was that lockdown was gradually being phased out but only under the trust that the public stay alert, safe, and use their common sense to keep the rates down and on a steady decline.

The ‘conditional’ plan has these five priorities at the forefront: 1. Protect the NHS; 2. See sustained falls in the death rate; 3. Sustained and considerable falls in the rate of infection; 4. Tackle the challenge of providing PPE to the people who need it; 5. Take measures to not force the reproduction rate of the disease back up again.

So, HÖRFA have attempted to break down the rules in simple terms in a, hopefully, clearer guide for you all to follow:

Work from home if you can – Fortunately, in this modern era, many can work remotely from home on their laptops, PC’s, or even mobile phones.

Only go to work if you must – This rule applies to construction, manufacturing industries for example, which can't be done remotely. These types of industries should be able to maintain the social distancing rules.

Avoid public transport if at all possible – The government are asking workers to travel by car, bike, or foot if they can. The more that can do so means that public transport for the few should be able to maintain the necessary social distancing rules and remain safe to travel.

Unlimited outdoor exercise – The once per day exercise rule has been lifted to allow more flexibility in people’s lives.

Trips to parks, drives in the car to other destinations now permitted but only with members of your household – Another easing in the lockdown restrictions will allow families to have a bit more freedom, providing the 2metre rules are continuously observed, posing less risks.

Children may return to school from June 1st, starting with Reception, Year 1, and Year 6 – It’s been over eight weeks since the schools have been off now, so this plan is to gradually ease the students back to education in stages.

Reopening of shops from June 1st – Public places, including shops and other essential outlets may begin in June at the earliest.

Hospitality industry and other public places to reopen from July –Sports events, such as boxing and football, will be allowed to return with strict safety measures in place. A lot of sporting events will likely be staged behind closed doors during July.

All of the above comes with many other conditions; for example, companies will be required to take safety measures to ensure their staff are safe, such as staggering shifts to minimise contact – the NHS have already done this within their own buildings.

Schools may have to redesign the classrooms and limit class sizes, as well as staggered breaks to avoid mixing.

This new plan hands back a bit of power and freedom to the people, but on the condition that the rules are followed to prevent any further rise in infection. The level of danger will be closely monitored using a ‘Covid alert system’ with ratings between 1-5. This will determine how tough social distancing measures need to be – the lower the number, the more rules will be relaxed.

The above is the outline for England only, for Wales and Scotland there are slight variations to these rules.

Our message to you is simple: Be sensible and stay safe.

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